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Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd.
is an early stage life sciences company

Our Focus

Beyond Tobacco products that improve & aid overall health and wellness

Our Plan

Establish Taat Beyond Tobacco as a leading global alternative to legacy tobacco products

Our Product

Premium Hemp Cigarettes crafted with natural terpene flavoring + CBD

Taat Beyond Tobacco™ Hemp Cigarettes

A better-for-you alternative to tobacco

Taat Icons HempCigarette

A better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well or better than traditional cigarettes.

Taat Icons CBD

Cannabis benefits with no ‘high’. Effects of CBD & CBG but is Non-Psychoactive and doesn’t deliver the scent or taste of cannabis.

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Contain no tobacco or nicotine, making them ideal for use as a tobacco replacement or cessation tool.

Exceptionally flavored, premium Beyond Tobacco cigarettes, CBD and CBG products.

Experience a full flavor, smooth drawing, one-of-a-kind Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarette.

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Investor Information

Invest in a premium hemp cigarette product that's a natural alternative to tobacco and aids in overall health & wellbeing

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Taat products have made an impact

Testimonials from those that have received improved health, quality of life, and overall wellness from our Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes.

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Taat Man Farming Hemp

Our industry has deep roots, but is always growing.

Learn about hemp, the tobacco market and why Taat’s Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarette is so disruptive and revolutionary.

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