Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. is passionate about providing hemp based alternatives

Taat provides a better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well as, or better than, traditional cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes effectively deliver high yielding CBD & CBG without the “high” and without the scent or taste of cannabis.

Beyond Tobacco cigarettes are made from a proprietary blend of premium hemp that is exceptionally flavored with rich, and naturally occurring, terpenes.

Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes contain no tobacco and no nicotine, making them ideal for use as a tobacco replacement or cessation tool.

Our flagship brand

Our subsidiary Taat Herb Co. manufactures and sells premium hemp products

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Experienced Management

Joe Deighan

Joe Deighan

Founder & CEO Taat Herb Co

Joe is an experienced entrepreneur who has built one of the largest USA based e-liquid manufacturing businesses, JJuice, and subsequently sold it to a major tobacco company.

He has proven ability to innovate new brands, scale businesses, manage cashflow, and launch disruptive products successfully; including pioneering the first hemp cigarette to market with his previous brand, Wild Hemp. His bachelors degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship solidifies his know-how supplemented by his intangible drive and determination to continue pushing the envelope of innovation in the better-for-you-alternative market of nicotine replacement therapy’s. He was motivated to start Taat with a deep passion for providing a the first to market hemp cigarette that has no-nicotine and no-tobacco, yet tastes, smells, and smokes just like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Haider Rizvi

Haider Rizvi

CFO Taat Herb Co

Haider Rizvi has 16 years experience building and leading a team as senior manager in the hospitality space.

Mr. Rizvi was responsible for the bookkeeping, payroll and financial strategy of an established hospitality and entertainment company and was responsible for over 100 employees. He brings to the Company a broad suite of skills including financial discipline, strategic thinking and a relentless determination to win.

Mike James

Mike James

General Manager Taat Herb Co

A born leader with over 16 years of experience in facility management and business development with significant experience in the hospitality industry.

Mike studied Psychology at the prestigious Chapman University and later became the youngest Executive Director at Terra Vista Management where he ran resort operations at multiple properties. He later oversaw operations at wineries across California, eventually leading a team that expanded one of the properties into a 50 room boutique hotel and spa. From there, Mike headed up a business that was responsible for bottling, childproofing and distributing THC and CBD wine products which in turn led him to pursue his passion in the CBD business and join Taat Herb Co.

The Problem

Over 50 Million Americans are addicted to some form of nicotine. In fact, it is the most common addiction in the United States.

While hemp can’t treat nicotine addiction, the act of smoking a cigarette can be replaced with a non-addictive hemp cigarette. It can help satisfy the oral fixation of smoking with zero tobacco, zero nicotine, and less than 0.3% THC* while delivering the better-for-you benefits of CBD with no psychoactive effects.

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Our Solution

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness is going to disrupt the market.

Taat’s Beyond Tobacco™ cigarette is truly the first of its kind. Taat provides a smoking experience that mimics a traditional tobacco cigarette without the harmful effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes reproduce the burn, the draw, and the flavor of tobacco, providing traditional tobacco cigarette smokers the first ever replacement to help them reduce their tobacco cigarette in-take. Finally, a herbal cigarette option without the tobacco and nicotine that actually tastes like the real thing.

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Investor Information

Invest in a premium hemp cigarette product that's a natural alternative to tobacco and aids in overall health & wellbeing

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A premium and organic alternative

Beyond Tobacco cigarettes are made from a proprietary blend of premium hemp that is exceptionally flavored with rich naturally occurring terpenes.

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Taat products have made an impact

Testimonials from those that have received improved health, quality of life, and overall wellness from our Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes.

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