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Beyond Tobacco™

Beyond Tobacco cigarettes made from a proprietary blend of premium hemp that is exceptionally flavored with rich naturally occurring terpenes.

Taat Beyond Tobacco cigarettes are non-psychoactive & contain no tobacco and no nicotine, making them ideal for use as a tobacco replacement or cessation tool.

A better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well or better than traditional cigarettes.

Effects of high yielding CBD and CBG but is Non-Psychoactive and does not deliver the scent or taste of cannabis.

Our flagship Product

Taat Beyond Tobacco™ Cigarettes

Taat 20Pack Closed Original


Taat 20Pack Closed Menthol


Taat 20Pack Closed Tropical


Taat 20Pack Closed CBG

CBG Relief

Experience the Difference

Tastes and smokes as well or better than traditional cigarettes

Taat Icons HempCigarette 2

Better-for-you alternative to tobacco + 50mg CBD

Taat Icons Wellness 2

Enhanced taste and smoking experience relative to tobacco

Taat Icons Smoking 2

Smoking cessation tool

Taat Icons QuitSmoking 2 2
Taat 20Pack MockupOpen Original
Taat Icons Time

Faster delivery of CBD and CBG than pills, creams and tinctures

Taat Icons Cigarette Match 2

Get cannabis benefits without the ‘high’

Taat Icons CBD 2

Effects of high yielding CBD and CBG is Non-Psychoactive

Taat Icons Oil

Smokers can feel the effects of high yielding CBD and CBG hemp cigarettes within one minute

Taat Beyond Tobacco™ Cigarettes

If you are looking to quit or simply wanting a change Taat is a natural choice.

While hemp can’t treat nicotine addiction, the act of smoking a cigarette can be replaced with a non-addictive hemp cigarette. It can help satisfy the oral fixation of smoking with zero tobacco, zero nicotine, and less than 0.3% THC* while delivering the better-for-you benefits of CBD with no psychoactive effects.

Taat CigaretteScene

Our industry has deep roots, but is always growing.

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